The DattoCon EMEA Evolution

July 17, 2019

The DattoCon EMEA Evolution

By Chris Tate

It’s amazing with my memory that I remember it so clearly; July 2015, The Banking Hall in London was the first DattoCon I attended in the EMEA region. This was before I joined Datto as an employee, I was running my TotallyMSP blog at the time and I was looking forward to the day, especially as I was to interview Datto Founder, Austin McChord. (I still have this interview if anyone is interested - Let me know). Back then it was really an update of announcements from the first North American DattoCon I ever attended, in New Orleans.

I remember walking in to be greeted with a goodie bag containing the famous Datto sunglasses among other swag items. I thought they were super cool at the time; I now have a car boot pretty much full of them. Let’s just say there is no shortage of swag at DattoCon.

The day went really well, and although I thought it was huge at the time, the room only contained just over 100 MSPs. I also remember having to leave early and missing the Jazz Band that Datto had lined up, as there was, unfortunately, a tube strike that day and I needed to leave town.

Fewer than 12 months later, I was a full-time employee of Datto. This time DattoCon over doubled in size, with 225 MSPs and there was a great lineup of keynote speakers: Dame Stella Rimington and Jamie Bartlet. This was the first DattoCon in EMEA where I got to see “behind the curtain”, where I saw how much work it takes to execute this event.

If 2016 was a great event, 2017 really raised the bar. It was held on the evening before the merger between Datto and Autotask was announced and over 330 MSPs crammed into the Hilton Metropole to hear all the latest Datto news as well as a great performance from Dynamo.

2018 saw us take the whole show on the road to sunny (well rainy) Barcelona. The, now largest, MSP event on European soil recruited over 550 MSPs. Three content-filled days topped off with the best MSP party in history where our then CEO, Austin McChord, crowd surfed, made this DattoCon the best Datto EMEA event yet.

As I sit now helping the planning for DattoCon19 Paris, I can’t help but reflect on the amazing progress this event has made so far. We are on target for over 750 MSPs in Paris; It is hard to believe that fewer than five years ago it was a struggle to get 100. Just as the MSP market, DattoCon continues to grow and will continue for years to come.

I’ve met some amazing people at DattoCon, I’ve made some great friends and as a direct result, I've suffered some pretty epic hangovers but cannot wait to do it all again in Paris.

If you’re a seasoned DattoCon veteran or a first-timer, I hope to see you there this October. I promise, if you come along, it won’t be your last DattoCon.

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