September 01, 2017

The Darknet Rises

By Annie Stroud

The Darknet. Possibly one of the most exciting, intriguing and powerful places to exist on the internet. Why...? Because it gives you freedom, anonymity and the best part….. zero pop up ads! The desire to remain anonymous online is increasing as the internet continues to grow and offer more. People now want to surf online sites privately without being tracked and monitored. It may come as no surprise that when Facebook launched its very own darknet site, to enable users to “get around the censorship” and to add an extra “layer of security” the Tor website saw over 1 million users access the .onion site in just 30 days!

This topic is something Jamie Bartlett touched upon when presenting at Datto’s Cyber Live event on Wednesday 30th August. And the surprises didn’t stop there...

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When we spoke with Jamie about Ransomware he stated that in the last two years there has been a “significant increase in the scale, scope and type” of malicious activity and the companies being targeted. This is something Datto have also come across. As a company who are 100% IT Channel focused and a big supporter of the MSP community, the first thing our partners always ask is how can they protect their clients from Ransomware attacks. Although there is no magic button to protect yourself, there is one to recover! Last year we launched SIRIS 3 with built in Ransomware protection, which not only offers Ransomware detection, it also offers disaster recovery. With the rise of attacks becoming more and more imminent, threats to SMB’s should now be expected. Our solution could help you save time, money and your businesses reputation.

You need to assume that these attacks will happen and be prepared for when they do. Black markets on the darknet are rapidly becoming huge outlets for hackers. Why? Because they sell cheap, easy to use and readily available Ransomware; every ‘wannabe’ hacker's dream. We asked Jamie his opinion on the threats against SMB’s and like so many of our MSP’s are finding out, small businesses are on the edge of cyber crime. “Smaller companies are easier targets because they don’t have the huge defensive capabilities of the big companies”.They often have little or no protection at all,“they don’t expect to be targeted”. It is vital that these vulnerable businesses educate everybody from the IT department all the way to the CEO on how to manage their cyber security infrastructure.

As the darknet continues to expand, as does the rise of Ransomware.

You need to make sure you are protecting your business from every angle, with a good backup solution in place. Jamie repeatedly stated that these attacks, threats and darknet sites will never go away, but we can change our approach to how we protect businesses.

Want to hear more about cyber security? Check out Jamie’s Cyber Live presentation here!

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