The Cyber Security Toolkit for MSPs

November 12, 2019

The Cyber Security Toolkit for MSPs

By Annie Stroud

It’s hard to look anywhere these days without reading some bad news about cyber security. Whether it’s the latest strain of ransomware or a massive data breach, it’s hard to escape this evolving threat.

However, educating yourself and clients is one of the best ways to better equip yourself against these threats. Recently, we created some awesome eBooks that are designed to teach you and your clients everything there is to know about ransomware and cybersecurity. To make things simpler, we’ve packaged some of our best content into the brand-spanking new Cyber Security Made MSPeasy Toolkit. Here’s a brief preview of what you and your customers will get in this new kit:

For you:

  • Ransomware Made MSPeasy: The IT service provider’s guide to ransomware protection and recovery.
  • Datto’s State of the Channel Ransomware Report: Findings from a survey of over 1,400 MSPs around the world on the ransomware epidemic and what you must do to stop it.

For your clients:

  • The Business Guide to Ransomware: An overview of ransomware for the non-tech savvy and advice for ensuring businesses continuity no matter what.
  • The Essential Cyber Security Toolkit for SMBs: Quick and easy tips for SMBs to up their cyber security game from the inside.

Stepping up your cybersecurity knowledge is easier than ever thanks to this new toolkit. Download it today and prepare for all cyber security threats that may come your way.

The Cyber Security Made MSPeasy Toolkit

In the age of Ransomware, knowledge is power. Our Cybers ecurity toolkit​ contains tips, templates, technologies and best practices from leading IT Service Providers & MSPs who've experienced it all.

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