That's why LUNs go to Iceland

March 20, 2017

That's why LUNs go to Iceland

By Chris Tate

Where is your customer data held by Datto?  

Of course, it's on the original machines, and then on the Datto appliance. It's also replicated into the Datto Cloud, which is on the South coast of England.

This is great; the customer has three copies of their data, so there's multiple layers of redundancy.... but how about going one step further?

Did you know we can also send a copy to Iceland? (I mean the Iceland of Volcanic Ash Cloud fame, of course, not the supermarket infamous for prawn party rings and Z-List celebrity sponsorship.) 

Since 2016, Datto has had a data centre situated on the Nordic island. Geo-replication to Iceland is free of charge and simple to enable. It takes seconds to set up but can give your customer additional peace of mind. It's also a great chance for you to speak to your customer to remind them of how amazing and proactive you are.

If they ask "Why Iceland?", then tell them it's because it's is powered by totally renewable energy. Your customer can sleep soundly at night knowing, their data is being protected by Vikings but without damaging the planet. Iceland is a member or the European Economic Area, which makes it very 'compliant', and is also apparently one of the safest countries in the world. The answer is really, "Why not?"

For more information check out this short video on geo-replication. You can find many more informative videos on our newly launched Sales Engineering youtube page!

(Ps.  In case you were curious, a LUN is a Logical Unit Number used in data storage; the title is actually a very clever pun)

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