August 24, 2017

Teenage Hackers

By Annie Stroud

Teenage hackers. Young adults who instead of playing the average computer game spend their time hacking computer systems and causing havoc. According to the BBC, these Hackers “manipulate people's thoughts and feelings for [their] own advantage” and only see it as a “bit of fun... before it’s too late”.

In July of this year the first cyber crime rehab centre for teenage hackers opened it’s doors in Bristol. The aim of the centre is to transform young hackers into cyber security experts as part of a new National Crime Agency Scheme. Mike Simmonds, chief executive of Axial Security Systems states that "The rehabilitation camp needs to create an environment where doing the right thing is even cooler than doing the opposite”.

Unfortunately this program is not something Marcus Hutchins, the computer expert who created the ‘kill switch’ for the recent WannaCry attack, would be able to take part in. At just 23 years old Marcus who was once hailed a hero has now been arrested and charged with six accounts of helping to create malicious ransomware. He now faces up to 40 years in prison.

For Cal Leeming, this story feels all a little too close to home. As the UK’s first youngest Hacker, Cal was once in a similar situation himself. After hacking credit cards, Cal began to use stolen identities to buy goods which he would later sell. The law caught up with him and Cal was forced to serve a 2 year jail sentence.

What is great about Cal’s story, and soon to be that of the young teenage hackers, is that he now uses his abilities for the greater good. For over a decade Cal has been a Cyber Security Advisor; widely considered one of the foremost experts on staying secure in a connected world. He is also the CEO of Lyons Leeming, a global provider of Cyber Protection & Risk Management for families and corporations.  He has completely turned his life around and has recently welcomed a little baby boy into his family!

On Tuesday 19th September, Datto and Cal will join forces to end our Summer Cyber Series. A Live Stream will take place straight from Datto EMEA HQ. It’s event you won’t want to miss.

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