Take Your Kids to Work Day: Future Techs

May 01, 2015

Take Your Kids to Work Day: Future Techs

By Ian O'Brien

At Datto, we take pride in not doing things the standard way.  That kind of culture perpetuates fresh thinking and innovation, and that culture is the reason we have the most innovative products in the business continuity market.

Learning About Business Financials WEB
Seeing How They Work WEB (1)

Yesterday was “Bring Your Kid To Work Day” here at Datto, and so of course, in keeping with the Datto tradition, we made it unique. We engaged kids as young as 6 years old in real business activities, like building computers, learning about financial management, and taking customer support calls. It was an awesome experience for both the kids, and all the people who worked with them. Here are some examples of the fun we had.

Building Their Own Raspberry Pi WEB (1)
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