August 22, 2016

Even Squirrels Can Bring Down Your Business

By Sarah Roberts

Unfortunately, businesses today need a constant electricity supply. There’s no escaping our equipments’ insatiable hunger for Benjamin Franklin’s most famous discovery. From dot-matrix printers to exchange servers, the cogs that keep our business moving require the blue stuff.

However, according to an energy expert, the United Kingdom’s National Grid is ‘increasingly fragile’. Power outage incidents, or blackouts, are growing more and more common. The UK experienced a 19% increase between 2014 and 2015, and there’s no sign of this waning due to reduced production and aging infrastructure. Dr Jennifer Baxter, Head of Energy and Environment at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, has stated that “the UK is facing an electricity supply crisis.” Bad news for our businesses.

So what causes our power outages?

  • 51% of incidents are caused by faulty equipment
  • The second-biggest cause is actually ‘unknown’ at 29%
  • Weather contributes a mere 13% in the UK, compared to to 80% of US outages
  • ...but UK weather often causes the largest and longest disruptions
  • Finally, 0.5% of blackouts are caused by animals. A squirrel chewed through power cables in Yeovil, Somerset, cutting electricity to 1,000 customers

So how can you defend your business against rebellious rodents? The best strategy is to mitigate and minimise downtime, which can be both extensive and expensive. To learn more about power outages and how a Total Data Protection solution like Datto can protect your business, download our eBook: The Business Guide To Power Outages.

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