Spider Ransomware Spreads in Phishing Campaign

December 14, 2017

Spider Ransomware Spreads in Phishing Campaign

By Chris Brunau

A new form of ransomware recently spread via spam emails across Europe. Spider ransomware is hidden in Microsoft Word documents that install the malware on a victim’s computer when downloaded.

The Word document, which is disguised as a debt collection notice, contains malicious macros. When these macros are executed, the ransomware begins to download and encrypt the victim's data. 

The hackers then provide information on how to submit a payment of $123.00 to regain access to their files. A proper BDR solution allows you to restore data to a time before the infection and avoid paying ransom. Additionally, cybersecurity training can prevent an attack like this from ever occurring. 

For more tips on all things ransomware and what MSPs can do to fight back, check out our State of the Channel Ransomware Report.

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