The I’s Have It … Social Media is Your Friend

June 23, 2014

The I’s Have It … Social Media is Your Friend

By Ian O'Brien


Social Media is your friend. It’s not a ‘pain-in-the-you know what’ duty. Don’t think about it as an annoying obligation, but rather view it as a newbusiness lead. If used properly and consistently, it can actually help you connect with new customers and ultimately close the deal.

Engaging with current customers and fellow business owners, even competitors, can be a great way to get your company in the forefront. And more importantly, it can open opportunities for a wider customer pool and market.

The entire business can learn more from digital presence and interaction. The tech team can stay abreast of what the latest technology innovations are, while the sales team can interact with customers in a consistent way, further developing their customer relationships. For the MSP owner it serves as a way to track business and Channel news, as well as provide a platform for thought leadership.

Plus, let’s be for real, it’s not as if you’re not checking your personal FB, Twitter and LinkedIn and other platforms anyway … so why not commit to social media in the name of business!

Here are the Four I’s to help take your business’s online influence, networking and selling power to the next level:

Identify – Yes, digital presence and engagement is extremely beneficial. But don’t over do it. Focus on and commit to only those platforms that you feel you can consistently update and participate in. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of social media options, identify the best tools for you and your business and start there. Once you get a hang of the consistency and build a strong base, then add more platforms, when and if you’re ready. There’s nothing worse than a lazy, non-updated social account, so identify the best choice for you and follow through.

Invest – Speaking of lazy, social media is an investment in time, but more so, it’s an investment in your business and customer base. Take the time to research where your customers are located online, follow them and in turn they will follow you. Also invest in seeking out additional companies and even media outlets and writers in the BDR, business continuity and IT communities. A wonderful resource is to follow fellow MSPs, VARs, business owners and technology lovers to help keep you abreast of the latest and greatest trends in the industry and current topics of discussion.

Interact – So once you identify and invest, it’s time to interact. You heard it right, start talking. Try curating your own content that is specific to a trend or issue, business news or industry and blast it out as a blog post, executive quote, technology fact or article. Or, if on Twitter, feel free to retweet a worthwhile article or post and try to include a comment stating your opinion about said article or post. If it’s easier, schedule your content beforehand. This might lessen the frustration of having to ‘come up with something interesting to say’. And remember, the conversation should be meaningful to your business and industry.

Inspire – Each post or article should be premeditated … ‘What is the point’ and ‘Who are you trying to reach’ are two key questions to ask. You want your posts or tweets to position you and your business as a go-to, must-read expert in your field and specialty. Just don’t be another vendor spamming timelines with random posts. Let your content inspire others to share and comment. This is your chance to make your mark and build a digital presence. Customers will find you knowledgeable, prospects will find a wonderful resource and become curious, while fellow #MSPs might view you as a worthwhile competitor. And it may also inspire them to up their game.

So, the better you Identify, Invest, Interact and Inspire … the more you will be viewed as a trusted and valued resource. Not only have you gained a wider network of contacts, but the leads will now come to you, and closing the deal will get that much easier.

Good Luck and get started!

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