SMBs’ Shift to the Cloud Makes SaaS Protection a Critical MSP Offering

By Erin Stephan

Florida-based ShowTech Solutions has been a Datto partner for over a decade. They are a Platinum Partner and sell Datto Unified Continuity, SaaS Protection, Networking, and use Autotask PSA and Datto RMM. “If Datto makes it, we use it and love it,” says Charles Love, Director of Operations at ShowTech Solutions.

At first, Datto SaaS Protection wasn’t in the mix because Datto Continuity was in place. But more and more clients began migrating to the cloud and using Microsoft 365 applications like Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint to collaborate and work cross-functionally with team members.

This made Charles take a closer look at SaaS Protection, especially since they’ve had first-hand experience with clients losing very important cloud data whether it was deleted accidentally or maliciously. With SaaS Protection, Charles has been able to assist a client who accidentally deleted a calendar appointment many weeks earlier and needed to restore it. It’s valuable for ShowTech Solutions to be able to tell clients they can help them with a request like this rather than telling them it’s lost and there’s nothing that can be done.

Charles utilises SaaS Protection’s auto-add feature to ensure each new client is automatically protected against permanent cloud downtime and data loss. He likes knowing that three times a day there’s a backup of everything in a client’s Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Charles can sleep at night knowing that he utilises SaaS Protection to keep his clients’ data protected. The moment any data comes into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem of a ShowTech Solutions’ client, it’s protected.

Datto brings human touch to the table

ShowTech Solutions relies on Datto’s support team whenever they need help and they’ve become a trusted source for Charles. “The Datto support team is always there. If I need to speak to someone, even at 2:00 AM, they are there for me.”

They have also found the SaaS Protection Sales and Marketing Toolkit incredibly helpful for creating customised campaigns that they can send through MarketNow, Datto’s complementary sales and marketing platform for partners. ShowTech Solutions uses the Toolkit resources to help train their sales team on new product features and assist with educating new clients about the benefits of Datto SaaS Protection.

Learn more about why Charles loves working with Datto.


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