Your Client’s Server Dies. Now What?

April 10, 2015

Your Client’s Server Dies. Now What?

By Ian O'Brien

As an MSP you get paid to keep your customers’ data in tact and their systems operational. But what if something goes wrong. Terribly wrong.

What if … Your client is a highly regarded accounting firm in the midst of tax season, by far the most critical time of year? You’re managing its outdated technology with fingers crossed – waiting, at the client’s request, until after tax season to upgrade the server?

What if … Luck runs out. The server dies, leaving you with a potentially catastrophic recovery scenario.

How you handle the situation depends entirely on how well you, and your client, are prepared. Have you performed DR testing? Calculated their RTO and RPO? Do you have a comprehensive backup and recovery solution in place? One that can also ensure business continuity?

The above scenario is not a fictional one, it was reality for David Rashkovan, CEO of Ontario MSP Rational Business Solutions. David’s client woke up one morning to find his client’s server had died overnight. Critical amounts of his client’s revenue were on the line. And the Montreal-based accounting firm faced serious regulatory violations if data was lost. Not only that, but the accounting firm’s own clients were left waiting.

Find out what happened next in this new Success Story.

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