RMM Automation Is Key To Remote IT Management Efficiency

March 15, 2021

RMM Automation Is Key To Remote IT Management Efficiency

By Ona Blanchette

What is Scripting and how is it used in RMM?

Scripting is code written to perform a set of instructions, enabling certain tasks to run on devices across a network. Scripts are written to enable and execute routine IT jobs. When used in combination with a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform that provides for the delivery, execution, and overall management of these scripts. MSPs can achieve better organisation, more in-depth reporting, and greater insight.

The Power to Become More Productive

Scripting eliminates most of the manual handwork of routine tasks, as well as the potential for human error. Datto RMM enables Partners to quickly create their own scripts. Datto also provides access to hundreds of scripts free of charge from its ComStore. This enables Datto RMM partners to immediately automate routine tasks without ever needing to write a line of code.

Remote IT management and RMM automation also takes scripting and execution of daily routine tasks to the next level by providing workflows, auditing and accountable reporting to your clients.

Datto’s RMM is a 100% cloud platform, further empowering MSPs with accessibility, scalability, and no system maintenance.

  • Push simultaneous software updates to hundreds, or tens of thousands of devices without any change in performance
  • Deliver flexible reports and dashboards, either on-demand or scheduled, for an in-depth understanding of everything within the client environment
  • Set up event triggers that will automate an action, update data, or send a notification to drive automation across the entire platform
  • Ensure the right tasks are being worked on at the right time so nothing falls through the cracks, and everyone stays informed

Leveraging RMM Scripts and Automation

Policies are the power behind Datto RMM’s dynamic automation. By utilising a variety of modular elements, service administrators have the ultimate control over when, where, and how automated tasks are performed. Whether you are newly established or are a veteran managed service practitioner, you can leverage scripting to automate frequent tasks.

MSPs who have an established library of scripts will benefit from easily porting their existing code using any of Datto RMM’s eight commonly used languages. These include VBScript, JavaScript, Bash, PowerShell, Batch, Python, Ruby, or Groovy.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) also have access to download hundreds of scripts available in the ComStore at no charge and have the ability to share with other MSPs. With these they can gain full control over when, where, and how RMM automation tasks are performed.

Unlocking the Power of Datto RMM with Advanced Scripting


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How to get started with Remote IT Management?

A typical component contains a script, written in one of several available languages, and may also contain a program to install, files to distribute, or even other scripts. This functionality guarantees that administrators have complete control over the technology they supervise.

Datto RMM’s powerful remote IT management functionality allows users to customise, create, and share components that can be executed across managed devices. Components are bundles of code, data and even applications.

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Which RMM Scripting Languages does Datto RMM Automation Support?

Datto RMM supports industry standard scripting languages like Powershell Python, Batch, and Bash, providing you the flexibility to work with the industry-standard language you're already familiar with. Datto RMM also provides the flexibility to use powerful Integrated Development Environments (IDE) to build your scripts and then simply import them to Datto RMM to run at scale.

For additional details, check out Datto RMM

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