​Ransomware- Who is affected and how?

May 18, 2017

​Ransomware- Who is affected and how?

By George Rouse

Ransomware is on the rise with the number attacks reported growing exponentially, this we have known for while. However, no one could have guessed the mass execution of infected devices in recent days from WannaCry.

But who are the usual targets and how is Ransomware spreading?

With the attack on the NHS, NIssan and Renault to name a few. Daniel Tobock, Cyber Security Expert tells us there were “three attack vectors” involved in WannaCry: computers were accessed directly, some people opened email attachments, and others were redirected to websites where they downloaded the malware.

“It exposes a vulnerability in Windows XP for file sharing protocol,” said cybersecurity expert Daniel Tobok. “It gets into one computer and then from there laterally goes into all the computers on the network.”

The vulnerability was first revealed as part of a massive leak of NSA hacking tools and known weaknesses by an anonymous group calling itself “Shadow Brokers” in April.

Apple users generally were not affected by WannaCry as it targeted computers running outdated versions of Microsoft Windows, said Tobok.

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