How Do You Protect Your Clients’ Data?

January 20, 2015

How Do You Protect Your Clients’ Data?

By Ian O'Brien

Many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have a backup and data protection offering as the cornerstone of their solution offerings. And those who don’t are moving to do so. And for good reason.

According to a new research report by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), data backup and recovery is a top IT priority year after year. And improving backup has been the top priority for midsized organizations for the past three years. What’s even more telling, the strategic goals of business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) are consistently in the top ten. * So what are you waiting for?

Data protection is a concern for every business. The combination of crazy amounts of data being generated, inordinate amounts of downtime, and inadequate, dated backup tools make data protection a priority for businesses of all sizes. And a required offering for MSPs. But how do you choose the solution that’s best for your business and best for your client’s business?

ESG recently release a new Lab Review, “Data Protection, Recovery and Business Continuity,” that shares some great insight on what to look for in a comprehensive solution. It identifies key technical features to look for, proven reliability, and how a vendor works with the Channel.

Some of the features highlighted by ESG are image-based data protection, superior local and remote virtualization, scalability, ease of deployment, flexible architecture, and proof of backup. According to ESG, all features that should be included in your clients’ data protection plan.

So whether you’re looking for that first backup and data protection offering to add, or you want to ensure your current solution presents you with the most revenue opportunity, check out the new ESG Lab Review. Because how you protect your clients’ data has a direct correlation to how well your business is positioned for maximum growth.

* ESG Research Report, 2014 IT Spending Intentions Survey, February 2014.

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