Popcorn Time: The Ransomware That Keeps On Giving

December 13, 2016

Popcorn Time: The Ransomware That Keeps On Giving

By Chris Brunau

With the holiday season approaching, it looks like hackers—and even their victims—are in the giving spirit.

Popcorn Time gives you the opportunity to rid yourself of ransomware in two ways. You can pay the monetary ransom of 1 Bitcoin (about £616 or €735) to regain access to your encrypted files, or you can simply pass on the ransomware to another unsuspecting victim. If two or more people are infected by your personalised link, bingo...you’re free.

In addition to the unique form of spreading the virus, Popcorn Time may also have an additional feature that deletes the victim’s files if they enter the incorrect decryption code too many times., according to reports.

To avoid having this unpleasant experience, now would be a good time to brush up on all things ransomware and ensure you are informed and well-equipped to survive a ransomware attack. Our Cybersecurity Made MSPeasy Toolkit has everything that MSPs and their clients need to know when it comes to ransomware. Check it out today!

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