[Podcast]: See Business Continuity in Action, Live

Jul 28, 2015

[Podcast]: See Business Continuity in Action, Live

BY Ian O'Brien

How do you show a potential business customer business continuity in action? Sometimes a standard PowerPoint slide won’t cut it. This week’s Datto Partner Podcast discusses how Datto Partners successfully leverage Datto’s live Disaster Demo to show end users how they can keep their businesses running, despite a disruption to their systems.

Listen to Rob Rae, Datto VP of Business Development, and Andrew Stuart, Datto EMEA Managing Director, discuss the EMEA and US markets and share their tips for successfully executing a live Disaster Demo. Listen to the full interview on iTunes

How did the Datto Disaster Demo get started?

The Disaster Demo was kind of created a number of years ago and we’ve been doing it in various forms. It’s a way to demonstrate business continuity. It’s a way that now, all of sudden, we’ve realised if we can give our customers the power to go out and do these things, say at lunch and learn.

I think the beauty of it is that Ian McChord created it, I believe, for the first partner conference.

What makes it resonate with MSPs and their customers?

The [SIRIS] solution is so incredibly demonstrable. For our partners, they’re often demonstrating this to business owners, not to technical people. You need to demonstrate the product in a way that’s not going to bore them. Adding some theatrics in helps with that, but ultimately what we are demonstrating is a very simple computer failure and how quickly we can recover from that. Anyone, whether they have a technical background or not, can see that it works and ultimately understand the value of it there in the room. I think that’s what’s incredibly powerful about the disaster demo.

Seeing is believing.

How do MSPs get a hold of one?

We took it and effectively put it into a self-contained kit that partners can use. It’s two parts. The first is a customisable presentation deck that partners can brand as their own and adapt to their audience. Along with that is this portable kit with all the hardware and software you need to actually do the demo, something that we found incredibly powerful to do. We then bundled it up into a really neat kit that the partners can run around with. I certainly do.

Have you seen the Datto Disaster Demo in person? What’s your favourite mode of destruction: fire, liquid nitrogen, garden shears? Any recommendations for upcoming Disaster Demos?

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