[OnDemand Webinar] PSA Masterclass - Services vs Subscriptions

December 11, 2019

[OnDemand Webinar] PSA Masterclass - Services vs Subscriptions

By Annie Stroud

Datto PSA offers you a number of billing arrangements - Services and Subscription being the main options for Recurring revenue billing. These 2 options have different configurations but the outcome is quite similar, and as such, a constant question raised by our customer base is - “when do I use services and when do I use a subscription?” The answer is going to depend on your requirements.

Services are tied to a contract which gives you flexibility when you want to increase or decrease service units. It also allows you to bill pro-rata.

With subscriptions, any changes to units require a new subscription. There are certain scenarios which are a perfect fit for subscriptions, such as billing multiple years upfront as a single line on an invoice; for example, domain name renewals or SSL Certificates. Subscriptions are a useful billing method for procured products and any subscriptions linked to these products (Configuration items). This is an important point. Subscriptions are tied to configurations items like services are tied to contracts. Which one you choose to use will be determined by your requirements, but rest assure Datto PSA gives you the options to achieve why of your billing requirements!

Watch our full Services vs Subscription OnDemand Webinar to find out more!

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