January 17, 2018

On-Site SEO. Everything You Need To Know!

By Annie Stroud

Have you ever wondered how to get your website to feature better on search engines?

Do you find yourself continuously updating every social media platform with links back to your website? Is your website full of current, up-to-date news and industry knowledge, yet know one is taking any notice? Well, worry no more! We have just the eBook for you!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and our On-site SEO eBook will give you top tips on how to ensure that your business gets ahead of the rest.

The idea of SEO is to improve your website visibility on (non paid) search engine results. The two main forms of SEO are on-site and off-site. Onsite is any practice that you do on your own website, whereas Off-Site is anything that features on third party websites. SEO is vital to any businesses success. If you start to take control over how your content is found and consumed, you will increase the number of new prospects who come across your website. It’s so MSPeasy!

The importance of on-site SEO is vital to your business. Think about the HTML elements of your website and how it all looks behind the scenes. You have your headings, your tags, your paragraphs, your content and so on. Without all of these aspects your website wouldn’t exist, but to Google, it still doesn’t. Not until you think about the structure, where and how you use headings and start to think about how effective your meta tags really are.

There are so many important aspects to remember when focusing on on-site SEO. For example, the use of meta tags will either attract or detract away people away from your website. How you use your headings will determine how Google and other search engines read your page, and having unique content will make increase your chances of getting ahead. With all of this in place you must then remember to submit your sitemap to Google. This will tell Google all about your webpages and your content will start to be recognised in searches. Get all this in place and you will be well on your way to getting your website at the top of any search!

The basics of SEO are simple once you start to implement all of the strategies. Our on-site SEO eBook will give you a break down of each aspect and help your business achieve the successes it deserves in 2018!

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