NYSE: MSP - A Tribute to MSPs

By Matt Richards

I am excited to say that today, Datto became a publicly-traded company. But this day isn't really about Datto - it's about the amazing ecosystem of MSPs that have made this possible. We are here thanks to relationships built over years with thousands of our partners around the world. For that reason, I want to take a moment and speak directly to those MSPs.

We are grateful for and humbled by your trust and support. Working exclusively with you for over a decade has enabled us to grow, evolve, and get better at serving you. We may be the first pure play MSP technology vendor in the public market, but that is a testament to you. Our commitment to you is an extension of your commitment to your customers. We want to do more than just sell you technology, we want to help you grow and succeed on your terms. And we are just getting started.

When the time came to select our  ticker symbol, many were suggested, but only one was considered. There were a few reasons it had to be “MSP”. 

  • MSP Centric: At Datto, we've always been, and always will be MSP Centric. You are our greatest allies. You make us better. We develop innovative technologies, and we sell with you - never around you. Everything we create is designed for you. You and the community come first in every aspect of our business, from sales and implementation to marketing and partner success efforts, to best-in-class 24/7/365 technical support. It is in our DNA. 
  • A marketing opportunity for the channel: NYSE: MSP helps raise awareness for managed service providers - who you are, what you do, and your critical role in our global economy. This was a marketing opportunity and the biggest platform we could find to promote you. In fact, if you take a look at some of the signage around New York today, you will see a message there promoting you.
  • Our continued commitment to MSPs: We recognise that as an MSP centric vendor, we have a tremendous responsibility to continue to grow you, the MSP ecosystem and help you seize the opportunities ahead. 

You are the driving force behind what we do and one of the most extensive support systems for small to medium businesses worldwide. You are front line workers in this pandemic. We're taking this moment to recognise you and thank you. The spotlight is on you, on the largest stage we've had the chance to stand on. 

Throughout Datto's history, venture capital investments, M&A activity, and private equity have validated the managed service provider industry. Now we are all being acknowledged by the public markets. We couldn't be more grateful to you for helping make this possible.

In this historic moment for Datto, our partners, our employees, and the IT Channel, we thank you.

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