New Datto Platform and Certification Program Launching Soon

May 11, 2020

New Datto Platform and Certification Program Launching Soon

By Caroline Chapin

We are excited to announce that on June 8th we’ll launch our new Datto Certification Program and Learning Management System for all Datto Partners! Partners will have a wide variety of training options that are designed to fit busy lifestyles and accommodate different learning preferences

We have made a significant investment in a “best in class” Learning Management System and developed a new certification program to simplify, expand, and increase value to our Datto partner learning model.

Why join the Certification Program?

  • Expand your product knowledge
  • Improve your marketability
  • Pave the way for your technical career development
  • Learn with convenience and flexibility

The program is launching with two new certification levels:

Datto Certified Deployment Specialist

This certification is designed to introduce new technicians with training around deploying, configuring, and using Datto products. This certification is also a great refresher on best practices.

Datto Certified Advanced Technician

This certification is designed to introduce experienced technicians to steps and recommendations for maintenance, troubleshooting, and other advanced topics related to Datto products. This is a great certification for anyone interested in learning more about advanced troubleshooting and maintenance of Datto products.

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