Networking Sales Made MSPeasy: WiFi as a Competitive Advantage

November 15, 2019

Networking Sales Made MSPeasy: WiFi as a Competitive Advantage

By Chris Brunau

Fast and free guest WiFi represents a competitive advantage on a very basic level. Poor WiFi can result in lost revenue for industries like hospitality and retail. So, it's important to present WiFi this way in conversations with prospects and current customers. In these industries, guest WiFi has long been viewed simply as a cost of doing business.

Today, there are WiFi-based products that allow businesses to gather valuable information about their customers. For example, some tools allow Retail businesses collect contact information from clients when they log into the store’s guest network. This allows them to engage these clients in future marketing campaigns that generate repeat business (i.e. a customer loyalty rewards program, which can be communicated via email or social media). Some businesses use WiFi to collect “footfall data” which is a measurement that includes the number of people entering a venue, the paths people take through said store and/or the length of time in which they engaged with specific displays. This sort of data helps a brand learn more about their customers’ buying habits and optimize the store’s floor plan.

Bundling these types of features with guest WiFi provides MSPs an opportunity to pitch networking as a revenue driver instead of an operating expense

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