June 13, 2014

NAS Backup vs Server Backup for Small Business

By Ian O'Brien

Datto NAS Backup How do you size up a new client?
  • What solutions are most appropriate?
  • Does the current equipment map to the company’s size?
  • Do you perform an IT audit?
  • Do their business needs come into play?
  • Is it all based on cost?
  • Is it worth the effort migrating from an existing solution to one you prefer?
Stratatech, a managed service and IT provider based in Norwalk, Conn, takes all of it into account when they both pitch and onboard a new client. It’s all about the best solution for the client’s requirements, resources and budget. During his evaluation with a new small business client, Fior Lostumo, Partner with Stratatech, noticed they were running a Windows Server. While that in itself is pretty straightforward, it was beyond what the client required. Fior and his team knew of a better solution, that was better scaled to their client’s needs and that would deliver more functionality. Fior opted for a Datto NAS Backup Solution [DN500] in lieu of a Windows Server for their small business client. “The Datto NAS is ideal for our client’s small network,” says Fior. This client only needs 3-4 shares on the NAS Backup Solution. Always on the lookout for the best solutions for his clients, Fior realized that using a Windows Server was too big and unnecessary for this particular client, “but they still needed file sharing, backup and security,” Fior said. When asked why implement a Datto NAS vs. a traditional NAS, Fior said “a standard NAS can’t do backup and doesn’t offer versioning, the Datto NAS does. It’s a nice, simple solution in a box.” Stratatech has set up the Datto NAS to take daily snapshots. According to Stratatech and their clients, Datto NAS is a “fabulous, great solution.” Datto NAS is proving the ideal solution for a client who didn’t need the complexity of a Windows Server. Have you considered the option of a NAS for your clients with small office environments? Share an example how you moved a client from an existing “expected” solution, to one that was a better fit for their needs. The post NAS vs. Server for Small Business appeared first on Datto.
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