MSP Q&A: How SaaS Backup Sells

August 13, 2020

MSP Q&A: How SaaS Backup Sells

By Courtney Heinbach

As cloud migrations continue to rise, back up of business-critical cloud data continues to be a crucial offering for managed service providers (MSPs) and their small and medium-sized business (SMBs) customers. We met with Luke Stanton and Kirsten Evans, Solutions Sales Consultants from Welcomm Communications based in Leicestershire, to discuss how they use SaaS Protection to support their customers.

Q: How long have you offered SaaS Protection, and what made you invest in cloud-to-cloud backup for your clients?

A. We partnered with Datto around 18 months ago, at a time when we were looking for an Office 365 backup solution. As a communications and technology provider, we aim to support our customers with a fully comprehensive service wrap – and a resilient trusted backup solution was a key component to this that was missing. We invited Datto to speak to our customers at our 30th-anniversary event. The feedback from our attendees was incredibly positive! Many customers were shocked to learn that collaboration tools like Office 365 didn’t back up their data automatically. This is where we see the biggest opportunity to assist the businesses we support.

    Q: Do you find cloud backup easy to sell to your clients? What helps an SMB understand its value?

    A. Selling cloud backup is really an education play. It’s our job to take the customer through the risks they could be facing, to help them understand why they need it. G Suite and Office 365 being ‘cloud-based’ can sometimes cause our customers to assume that you don’t have to take responsibility for your own data. In fact, we have sat in meetings where customers have argued that Microsoft DO back up their data as standard! That’s when we share Microsoft’s terms and conditions to really get the point across… The truth is, even with cloud-based applications, data can be compromised.

      It is important to us that our customers don’t fall victim to data loss or unnecessary downtime. We feel it’s our responsibility at Welcomm to educate our customers about the consequences they could face, even if users simply delete files or emails by accident. People always think backup is only helpful ‘should the worst happen’, they forget that accidental deletion is incredibly common. 

      Q: Do you offer SaaS Protection as a stand-alone solution, or do you bundle it into other services?

      A. As a small-medium business ourselves, we are pretty lucky to be able to remain flexible to whatever our customers need. We can provide as a standalone service, however, we most often recommend SaaS as part of our Managed Service offering.

        Q. How has Datto helped enhance your customer relationships?

        A. Partnering with Datto has helped us to better manage the ‘full picture’ for our customers. As a mobile, telephony, data connectivity, IT support, smart safety, and business utilities provider, we cover a lot of ground! Being able to offer cloud backup means we can manage the full network, removing the need for businesses to manage relationships with multiple providers and simplifying the process. Data connectivity, IT, and hosted telephony all go hand in hand. We already look after a large unified base, so supporting customers with SaaS helps differentiate us, as we’re able to provide a more encompassing, comprehensive, and proactive service.

        Q. Why Datto?

        A. We feel very at home with Datto products and services as they are designed for managed service providers. Being channel only, there isn’t a conflict of interest. We have very good channels into Datto for third line support where we need it, and they are easy to do business with – something that’s important to us!

          If you’re an MSP looking to learn more about how SaaS Protection can help you better support and protect your clients, book a demo with a Datto representative today.

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