MSP Insights: A Lesson in Branding & Leadership

January 07, 2022

MSP Insights: A Lesson in Branding & Leadership

By Jeff Reinholtz

Big Mike Morrill, President of Total Solutions, is a leader like no other. As a kid in the 70’s, Mike spent his youth without computers or the internet - which may seem odd considering his path to MSP owner. But Mike’s passion and commitment to customers, employees, and the Total Solutions brand are a testament to his calling as an MSP leader.

Although computers were initially an accidental career move for Mike, he is completely intentional when it comes to serving customers and solving their problems. Always straightforward and honest with his clients, Mike has built his organisation on a foundation of truth and transparency and emphasises a “service over sales” mentality for each and every client. The daily work of Total Solutions revolves heavily around Datto Autotask PSA. The automation of billing and ticket monitoring alerts and easy-to-use portal allows Total Solutions to accurately and efficiently forecast revenue, as well as provide clear communication and autonomy to clients regarding the status of ticket requests. Because Mike is committed to honesty and transparency with his own clients, it’s no surprise that the open communication and feedback from Datto on how to best use the product keep them partnering with us year after year.

At 6’6’’, Mike’s size surprisingly is not the biggest standout of Total Solution, but rather the presence of their logo and branding on all of their equipment. The Total Solutions team will always be wearing the colour red (there’s no way to miss it!) and their logo is always placed on all monitors.

Wih a 90-day red shirting period for new hires and daily check-in meetings with the team, Mike is committed to the development and growth of his people in addition to full transparency and feedback from across the organisation. Check out my talk with Mike below as we discuss Total Solutions evolution to the MSP they are today, their unique approach to onboarding with the “Red Shirt Strategy”, Mike’s vision of legacy for the company, and the growth and benefits they have witnessed thanks to an open and transparent relationship with Datto.


Visit our YouTube page for my discussions with other MSP leaders and catch up on Episode 1 here.

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