Best Practices to Help Your MSP Grow in 2021

December 22, 2020

Best Practices to Help Your MSP Grow in 2021

By Courtney Heinbach

This past year has been one full of lessons to be learned for businesses of all kinds - it required adaptation, patience, and perseverance. The circumstances placed managed service providers (MSPs) in a unique situation: They faced the same challenge of needing to adapt, be patient, and persevere for their own business as well as their clients’.

As advisors for all-things IT to small and medium businesses (SMBs), MSPs met their challenge face-on, helping their clients get up and running remotely in no time, all while consistently delivering value to their clients with recurring services. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - MSPs deserve a huge thank you for their work this year.

So in reflecting on the last year, what did we in the channel learn that we can bring with us into the New Year? Here’s a round-up of some blogs from the last year with some tips to bring with you into 2021.

Recurring Revenue is King

Transitioning to a recurring-revenue MSP model can be challenging a first, but MSPs reap the benefits when they have reliable revenue streams coming in for their business.

Learn how to build recurring revenue on our blog.

Cyber security Is Imperative, and Not Just for Your Clients

Oftentimes, MSPs are dead-set on ensuring their clients’ data is secure and easily recoverable. This isn’t a bad thing - but there’s more to be considered. MSPs have become increasingly targeted by hackers, so it’s crucial that they take a look at their own cyber security measures.

Learn where you might have gaps in your infrastructure and how to fill them on our blog.

Know Your Audience

SMBs are unique and their IT needs vary. When approaching them with a business offer, it’s important to know how they perceive the services you’re going to provide, what they can mean for their business, and the value they’ll get out of it. Knowing your audience will help you tailor your message to your prospects and hit on the pieces you’re sure are important to them.

To learn more about small and medium businesses and how they feel about IT services, check out our blog.

Data Loss Comes in Many Forms

Ransomware may dominate the headlines, but it’s not the only reason businesses may lose critical data. Disgruntled employees, SaaS service outages, human error - the list goes on. Luckily, as an MSP, you likely have your clients’ backs with SaaS backup services.

See why SaaS backup is crucial for your clients, plus tips and tricks for making the sale, on our blog.

MSPs Are Worth It

Those of us in the channel know: MSPs bring immense value to their SMB clients. Unfortunately, SMBs don’t always see that. When you’re looking to acquire new business or show your value to your current clientele, it’s crucial to speak their language, so to say, and communicate how you’re helping them reach their goals.

Check out our blog to see how MSPs can convey their value.

Remember, MSPs that set strategic growth goals grow faster than those who don’t, so take these tips and implement them into your 2021 planning. Wishing you and yours a cheerful holiday season and a prosperous New Year. We’ll see you back here on the blog in 2021!

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