Making Money with Managed Networking

February 13, 2020

Making Money with Managed Networking

By Chris Brunau

Managed networking is a relatively new concept in the IT managed services space. As such, there is some confusion about it among IT service providers. Deploying a network is certainly nothing new. IT providers have been doing
that forever. However, networks traditionally have been installed on a project basis and only updated when clients can no longer tolerate the low performance of an aging infrastructure.

Managed networking flips that model. A managed networking provider delivers ongoing monitoring and maintenance of networking equipment on a subscription basis to ensure network reliability, uptime, and
performance. If you are already delivering other IT functions as services, this probably sounds remarkably similar. Delivering managed networking is just an extension of what you are already doing, perhaps with disaster recovery
or security. Many IT providers prefer this approach because it ensures a consistent, predictable revenue stream.

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