September 04, 2017

Life Behind The Screen

By Annie Stroud

Cal Leeming. Ex-hacker, Cyber Security Expert and CEO of Lyons Leeming joins Datto on 19th September for another Cyber Live event. The topics? All things cyber security. The audience? You.

At just 10 years old Cal started hacking and by the age of 12 became the UK’s youngest convicted hacker, but for him it was more than just a game. Often, when it comes to hacking, we are only given one side of the story and fail to acknowledge the true motive behind some people’s actions. Unlike groups such as Anonymous who started hacking as a competition, Cal needed to hack for basic survival.

With little to no money, Cal’s family were struggling and he knew that hacking credit cards could help support his family. Right up until aged 18, Cal continued to hack and by this point had ‘broken into UK internet service providers and stolen tens of thousands of credit card details’. Yet again the law caught up with him and he served a five and half month prison sentence. Cal was not as fortunate as some of the teenage hackers today who can enrol into Cyber Crime Rehab, however, his arresting officer did help him turn his life around.

Pressing the reboot button

Cal began to work towards rehabilitation and eventually started working with the banks he originally hacked. This is how Lyons Leeming was born, a global provider of Cyber Protection & Risk Management company.

As an expert in the field Cal know’s a thing or two about what motivates people to begin hacking. It is important to understand that threats do not come from one specific demographic. As Jamie Bartlett pointed out in a recent interview ‘Ransomware is indiscriminate, people who set ransomware out into the wild don’t really care who they are targeting’. They are waiting for that one person to make a mistake and that’s their way in.

Hacking on the rise

What is interesting is that as hacking becomes more and more sporadic, it is staff who are considered to be ‘the weakest link’. Companies are seeing an increase in employees falling victim to cyber crime with little to no training when dealing with attacks. Hackers will pray on your businesses vulnerabilities. This is why education is one of the most valuable weapons against cybercrime. You need to stay one step ahead at all times. Our Ransomware eBook will give you some great pointers to get going in the right direction!

You will be hit, but the question is, by who and are you prepared?

Make sure you don’t miss Cal Live’s stream at Datto EMEA HQ - 19th September @2PM!

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