August 10, 2017

Jamie Bartlett and The Dark Net

By Annie Stroud

‘People want to stay secret online for all sorts of reasons, not all of them good’

Jamie Bartlett, Author of the famed work The Dark Net, journalist and an engaging speaker, lights up the hidden corners of the internet to reveal the strange subcultures and protagonists that inhabit it - from Bitcoin miners to neo-Nazis.

He describes the Dark Net as an ‘underworld set apart yet connected to the internet we inhabit, a world of complete freedom and anonymity’. Not only has Jamie been able to explore the depths of the Dark Net but throughout his book he has examined ‘what humans do under the conditions of real or perceived anonymity’ and highlighted the effects.

Understanding the complexity of the Dark Net is no easy task. When immersed in an underworld full of controversial subjects and sensitive material, you must be prepared to discover something worse than what shocked you five minutes ago. As a blogger for the Telegraph, it wouldn’t come as a surprise for Jamie to find the Dark Net in headline news, especially with the recent closure of Alpha Bay and Hansa. Interestingly it was how the authorities reacted and how the Dark Net markets counter responded which created a talking point for Jamie.

In addition to writing, Jamie also aired his BBC documentary Secrets of Silicon Valley on Sunday evening. It gave us a clear understanding of how technology continues to dramatically change politics and society.

It is vital that we invest in educating ourselves around the effects of the Dark Net in order to protect our businesses. Remember ‘no real limits apply here - not even the sky’.

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