How to Segment Your Email Marketing

March 09, 2020

How to Segment Your Email Marketing

By Chris Brunau

Email marketing can serve a variety of functions, so it’s important that you handle each one differently and don’t rely on a single approach for all.

For Shandi Hogg, Director of Marketing at Ancero, her method varies depending on the campaign. Ancero is an MSP and Datto partner operating out of New Jersey. Hogg splits clients into different email campaigns, depending on which type of service they receive from Ancero. This makes it simpler for her to send notifications or updates to them because they are always relevant to the recipient.

Aside from segmented lists, Ancero also uses email communications from time to time for announcements such as press releases or to promote around special events like Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October. She treats these as informative pieces of content, rather than sales opportunities.

Sitima Fowler, CEO of NY-based Capstone IT, follows a similar approach. Capstone is an MSP located in New York, offering a number of services including managed services, technology consulting, and support. Fowler turns to email marketing for various purposes, one of which is a newsletter featuring security tips sent to prospects and clients every two weeks. In addition, they send emails for campaigns built around new eBooks or blog posts which will eventually lead them to a potential technology consultation. According to Fowler, it’s all about the soft touch. “We’ve found that leading them to an informative piece of content is more beneficial and doesn’t make the recipient feel like they are immediately being forced to buy something.”

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