How to Create Google Alerts

January 09, 2018

How to Create Google Alerts

By Annie Stroud

Google Alerts are an extremely powerful and useful free tool used for keeping track of trends, news and current topics. All Alerts are customisable and can be aligned directly to your industry interests, enabling you to actively keep up-to-date with any mentions of your business online, carry out competitor research and track news stories as they develop. As well as all of this, setting up your own Google Alerts could help you stay well informed about the state of the current MSP channel. Not only will you get a constant insight into your competition, the Alerts will also help you stay one step ahead of the game. Sounds almost too good to be true right?!

Well, this versatile tool that enables you to listen in on conversations about businesses in your industry comes directly to your inbox once you have set up each Alert. No more searching for hours and hours on the internet for current news stories! You can also have up to 1000 Alerts per email address coming into your inbox everyday!

Using a tool such as Google Alerts could reduce your business risk as you are more clued up to threats which are hitting businesses in the industry. You could also build up your resilience by arming your business with more tools, increasing your revenue and staying ahead of the game.

So what are you waiting for? Read our step by step on how to set-up your Google Alerts!

  1. Go to in your search toolbar

  2. Sign in if you have a google account, if not you can just start filling out the form

  3. You will then see the option ‘Create an alert about…’ In here enter, a topic you would like to create a google alert for. You can always edit this later if you find you want more or less topics.

  4. Once you have chosen the alert click on the pen icon to the right

  5. Choose how often you would like to receive the Alerts, the type of results you want to see (what sources you would like the information to come from), how many etc.

  6. Once this has been created click on the pen icon to the right. You can customise this list and edit it at any time

  7. Once you are happy click ‘update alert’

  8. Finally click in the settings cogwheel. This will give you two options

  9. The first will be your delivery time. Manage your Alerts to suit your inbox

  10. The next will be digest. choose how often you would like to receive the Alerts

  11. Hit save once you have customised your settings.

  12. Once you are finished you can close the tab and wait for the Alerts to come in directly to your inbox! It’s almost too easy!

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