How MSPs Can Profit with Total Data Protection

March 17, 2015

How MSPs Can Profit with Total Data Protection

By Ian O'Brien

Data Dependency Has Changed the Rules for Backup and Data Protection

The term “big data” may be overused – but something big is going on. The big thing is this: digital information has become the lifeblood of every business – and an increasingly important part of the value of all products and services.

Advancing technology is driving this “perfect storm” of data. Technology is centralizing in some ways, like cloud/SaaS; decentralizing in others, like smartphones and tablets. And it’s always getting easier to use – so it’s used more, and is throwing off a lot more data.

As data becomes more critical to all businesses every day – managed service providers (MSPs) can’t afford to let their customers face business disruption from data loss. At the same time, MSPs can profit on a recurring basis by providing the extended data protection that businesses increasingly need.

The increased value of data along with the magnitude of data protectionchallenges has a direct impact on how MSPs manage and safeguard their customers’ data. Not only has it increased the stakes on how MSPs must support and service their customers, it has also increased the opportunity for MSPs to reap the rewards.

MSPs must ask themselves:

  • Are your customers aware of the threats to their data?
  • How long could they operate without access to their data or systems?
  • How well are you protecting your customers’ data–everywhere it lives?

The perfect storm of data has changed the rules for backup and data protection, both for MSPs and their customers.  Today’s businesses require Total Data Protection solutions that will safeguard data everywhere it lives – on-premise, in virtualized environments, in the cloud, and even in third-party SaaS applications. Through Total Data Protection solutions, MSPs have an opportunity to help customers navigate and succeed in the age of data dependency, and build a strong recurring revenue platform of their own.

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