How Datto Drive Stacks Up Against The Competition In File Sync & Share

May 03, 2016

How Datto Drive Stacks Up Against The Competition In File Sync & Share

By Andrew Burton

Consumer-grade file sync and share services offer the file sharing and collaboration tools that users need but aren’t typically powerful enough for businesses. These tools don’t make the grade when it comes to features companies want. There are business-grade solutions that exist but they are priced out of the range of most small to mid-sized businesses. To meet the needs of SMBs (and assist our channel partners) Datto is offering enterprise-class FSS at a very low price point.

To promote Datto Drive we are offering a free terabyte of cloud FSS storage for one year to the first million companies that sign up. After a year, companies will pay just £10 a month for a TB for unlimited users. So, how does that compare with other business-grade FSS services on the market today?

For a look at what those numbers mean, let’s assume your organization has 50 employees. With Box and Dropbox business FSS, you get unlimited storage space, but at £11 per user you’re paying £550 per month! Google Drive is a little more affordable at £6.60 per user.

Here’s why: Most of the files stored in business-grade FSS are productivity documents such as Microsoft Word or Excel files. Published estimates state that 1 million Office documents consume roughly 300 GB of storage—less than half a TB. That’s a lot of docs! Even if those 50 employees created that many files over time, there’s no reason all of them need to be stored and synchronised forever. Older files that are longer being used can and should be archived to free up space.

So, if you are currently using a consumer file sync and share tool but want enterprise-class features (ex. security) or if you’re currently paying too much for business-grade FSS, Datto has you covered. Learn more and sign up today. If interested in learning more, SMBs and Managed Service Providers can attend Datto’s complimentary webinar on Datto Drive on May 5. Sign up here.

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