Manufacturer? Here’s Why Business Continuity Should Be on the Assembly Line

February 02, 2016

Manufacturer? Here’s Why Business Continuity Should Be on the Assembly Line

By Michaela Scampoli

As a manufacturer, production speed can determine how you measure up when compared to competitors with similar products. Nowadays, your equipment relies heavily on the technology in the background. If something were to happen that compromised your systems, how long could you afford to halt production?

To determine how much downtime you can afford, here a few things to consider. Should production stop:

  • The inability to fill quotas affects sales.
  • ‘Out of stock’ messages disappoint customers and damage your reputation.
  • You’ll likely be paying employees who are standing around, waiting for a solution.

If you place a dollar amount on each of the above, you can estimate how much you’re at stake to lose depending on the length of downtime. 

So what causes downtime for manufacturers?

Like all other businesses, manufacturers are susceptible to fires, floods, hurricanes, etc. Natural disasters can ruin plants and halt production indefinitely. However, the human factor plays a role in downtime as well. There is certain data that manufacturers fear losing, and when that loss occur, it’s usually humans who are at fault.

In a recent survey by Kaspersky Lab, manufacturers reported “Internal Operational Information” and “Intellectual Property” as data they most feared losing. The survey also told of malware being the most common cause of data loss. Network intrusion and targeted attacks were also listed as causes of data loss.

How should a manufacturer protect their data?

The first thing a manufacturer can do to protect their business critical data, is outsource their IT needs to an expert who has worked with that vertical before. A provider who understands which data is most important and the possible implications of downtime will be able to provide the best solution.

An awesome provider will also serve as an extension of your IT team, providing you with timely software and hardware updates, maintenance, and backups.

Ultimately, there are many factors to consider when selecting a business continuity solution for a manufacturing company. In you’re interested in learning more about those factors, check out the eBook.

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