Help Your MSP Endure Lockdown With These Five Blogs

January 18, 2021

Help Your MSP Endure Lockdown With These Five Blogs

By Annie Stroud

The new government restrictions that have been rolled out across the United Kingdom have created a surge in the amount of uncertainty and challenges that managed service providers (MSPs) face. Businesses operating in every industry are now being asked to move remotely (if their work permits) and employees are being asked to set up shop in their homes. Although 2020 saw so many of us working remotely and making it a success, it would be safe to say that most of us were hoping 2021 would look a little different.

At Datto, we only have your best interests at heart. Our aim is to support you, however, we can, through challenging times like these. The global pandemic has taken a toll on all of us, but we know that businesses must continue to operate, despite the circumstances. To help you get through this next wave of lockdown, we have pulled together the top five blogs which will help you to manage your teams remotely and still go after the new opportunities arising in 2021.

#1: 5 Effective Communication Tactics for Remote Workers

Transitioning any workforce to remote work can be challenging, especially if communication lines are not where they should be. As a business owner, you can conquer these challenges if you are thoughtful and strategic in your approach. We’ve compiled several strategies below that you can employ immediately. Discover the 5 effective communication tactics for remote workers to help you thrive in 2021.

#2: MSP Challenges and Opportunities in Time Of Pandemic

MSPs are beginning to face new challenges and see new opportunities emerge, according to our latest research. In the initial stage of the pandemic, MSPs played a critical role in providing SMBs with the IT infrastructure to keep their businesses running. Now that we are facing the next few months in lockdown, why not seize the opportunity to think about how you can better support your clients? Find out how you can grab the new opportunities and still make 2021 your best year yet. 

#3: Cybersecurity Tips for Working Remotely

With the global health crisis forcing people worldwide to work from home, there is increasing evidence that malicious actors are using people’s fear to prey on remote workers. Home networks, actions of family members, and the lack of security of workstations can impact you and clients companies security. There are some simple steps you can take to keep safe. As an MSP you have the opportunity to step up and help your clients do the same. Discover how you can better protect your clients and educate them at the same time.

#4: 5 Tips For Managing a Remote Team

The global health crisis has changed the way we work, forcing businesses to turn to remote workplaces to keep employees safe. However, this new change doesn’t have to wreak havoc on your management style or hurt your employees. In this blog, we’ll offer a few tips to help you weather the storm.

#5: Industries Showing Highest Demand for MSPs During Global Health Crisis

MSPs and businesses across the world are constantly adapting to today’s world. The global health crisis has flipped our daily routines, forcing any businesses not deemed essential to work remotely to prevent the unnecessary spread of infection. To get a better understanding of the pulse of the MSP community, we surveyed our Datto sales reps to understand the verticals their MSP partners are seeing most demand from today. There are so many opportunities out there, your clients, and the prospects you are trying to reach, need you now more than ever.

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