Hackers Demand Multiple Payments In Ransomware Attack On US Hospital

May 25, 2016

Hackers Demand Multiple Payments In Ransomware Attack On US Hospital

By Chris Brunau

The trend of ransomware attacks on hospitals just keeps on going. According to Network World, Kansas Heart Hospital in Wichita was hit with an attack last week.

While little information is readily available about the attack, the hospital did pay an undisclosed ransom (referred to as a ‘small amount’ by Hospital President Dr. Greg Duick) to regain access to their files. And, after the first ransom payment, the hackers demanded more money, according to FierceHealthIT.com. This is further proof that paying a ransom doesn’t guarantee the integrity or safe return of your data. Even though you can’t fully protect yourself from an attack, you can take precautions to limit data loss and downtime. With a modern BCDR solution, you can restore critical business data to a point in time before corruption occurred and avoid paying a hefty ransom.

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Taking A Stand Against Ransomware?

United States Senator Charles E. Schumer, is calling on the federal government to put a stop to the ransomware epidemic. According to GovTech, Schumer is asking the Obama administration to leverage the Cybersecurity National Action Plan to fight ransomware. Schumer is also asking for $3.1 (£2.12) billion in funding for the proposed Information Technology Modernisation fund, as well requesting a separate fund that would give state and local governments grants to improve their technology and leave them less susceptible to the complex cybersecurity landscape.

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