Google Accounts Under Attack!

November 14, 2017

Google Accounts Under Attack!

By Annie Stroud

A case study by Google and UC Berkeley suggests that nearly 250,000 login names and passwords for Google accounts are being stolen by cyber-thieves every week! Google have said that the research has helped them secure account data found on websites and criminal forums which have been taken using hacking tools.

The study ran for 12 months in total and looked into the underground markets, where researchers found ‘more than 788,000 credentials stolen via keyloggers, 12 million stolen via phishing and 1.9 billion from company breaches!’. Keyloggers are programs designed to record every key that is pressed by the computer user. Phishing tactics are used to contact users directly via email, telephone or text message. Personal data is then pulled from the users and unknowingly used for criminal use

For cyber-thieves, the most useful information came from keyloggers and phishing attacks. However, phishing attacks posed the biggest threat to users as these helped hackers gain access to nearly 234,000 usernames and passwords each week! Personal IP addresses and the types of devices users were using, as well as their location, are all useful pieces of information for hackers as they attempt to defeat security checks.

Google have said that they would use the results of the research to further enhance their security processes. They also have a range of resources for anyone looking to better protect themselves, or anyone who might have been victim to an attack. Google have stressed the importance of ‘educating users about better ways to protect their accounts’ saying it should become a “major initiative”.

This year at Datto, we launched our Cyber Live series. This series was dedicated to educating users into developing better security to protect both personal and business data. Much like Google, we understand the importance of educating users as well as offering tips to help protect vulnerable data! You can find the live recordings of our Cyber Live series featuring Jamie Bartlett, Dark Net Guru, and Cal Leeming, convicted hacker turned CEO, here!

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