June 28, 2018

Get Your Head In The Game With GDPR!

By Annie Stroud

It’s a big day for England today as they prepare to take on Belgium in their next World Cup match. We can only imagine the nerves they are feeling are somewhat similar to those we all had around GDPR!

As you know, GDPR came into full effect on 25th May of this year. It changed the way businesses will operate forever. However, much like Jesse Lingard’s super strike in the England vs Panama game, at Datto we too have been looking for every optimistic opportunity surrounding GDPR. It’s not all doom and gloom, and sometimes things get much better after the second half of any game!

When we interviewed a group of industry leading MSPs for our GDPR Made MSPeasy eBook, we discovered that they were using GDPR to benefit their businesses. How you ask? Huddle up and i’ll tell you.

GDPR offers a massive opportunity for you to boost your engagement with existing clients and prospects. Much like any football team, you always have the opportunity to show people exactly how you can benefit their business. As an MSP show them that you are constantly acting as your clients defense, with a whole team of skilled team players behind you.

You’ll also want to make sure you continue to come across as a thought leader in the channel. Gareth Southgate, Manager of the England football team didn’t get to where he was by chance, but by being out on the playing field, showing exactly how his skills could benefit the team. As an MSP you are in a great place to educate your clients around their business needs and show them why they need to invest in you.

GDPR has presented businesses with a choice, and that choice comes with power. As an MSP you have the power to turn GDPR into the best business venture yet. Get out on the field, aim to hit your goals and jumpstart your business into profiting off the back of the new regulations! We’ll have your back along the way with our the help of our new MSP World Cup Bundle!

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