Forrester TEI Study: MSPs Gain Efficiency Using Datto’s Unified Solution

By Ona Blanchette

Our recently commissioned Forrester TEI Study was written to help MSPs understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with investing in Datto solutions. The study found that MSPs who partnered with Datto “achieved over $100K in additional average client base growth annually.”

According to the study, efficiencies gained by using Datto’s unified PSA and RMM solutions MSPs helped to drive growth by streamlining and unifying resources through an easy to use single source solution.

MSPs reported:

  • 50% increase in ticket resolution speed
  • 90% reduction in productivity losses caused by downtime incidents
  • 100% of work order time captured with improved billing

Gain productivity and value from Datto’s integrated RMM/PSA

Maintaining complete insight into the networks under management while performing tasks and services quickly and efficiently is critical to MSP success.. Time spent researching or on the phone with clients to understand issues and insufficient visibility to effectively track work requests and tickets were two of the major MSP challenges outlined in the Forrester TEI study.

According to the study Datto RMM and Autotask PSA helped address these challenges. Dashboards and widgets enabled MSPs to better manage client work in one centralized location, saving up to 50% in time spent while removing confusion around the status of work orders, employee bandwidth, and prioritizing client issues. The integrated solutions also improved billing tracking by helping MSPs document and track hours, ensuring payment for all of the completed billable work.

“If you looked at all the things that Datto does for our customers, we were doing that before; it just took twice as much effort to deliver those services. Now, with these tools in place, we can do more things with the same staff that’s a value to the customer, [like] more IT services that they need at a deeper level,” said a CEO from a North American MSP surveyed in the study.

To learn more, download The Total Economic Impact™ Of Datto.

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