February 01, 2016

Five reasons why you should attend Datto Academy

By Sarah Roberts

Held every quarter at Datto’s EMEA Headquarters, the Datto Certified Advanced Training (DCAT) course is an unbeatable way to accelerate a Support Technicians’ skill-set and turn them into a Datto Champion. Here are five key reasons why you should sign up for our next course on the 16th and 17th of February.

- Reduce the number of tickets you pass to Datto Support by half

DCAT aims to equip you with the knowledge to handle the vast majority of issues that your customers will face. The content ranges from basic GUI configurations to in-depth ZFS troubleshooting. Being able to handle tickets in-house will make your Support team more efficient and result in happier customers.

- Boost your confidence when handling tickets

The course will cover many of the common issues you’ll face, so you’ll know how to respond. Plus, with a deeper knowledge of how a Datto works, you’ll be able to approach far more complex issues. After the course, you’ll get access to a special section of our Knowledge Base, and Datto’s Tech Support Team will share advanced ZFS and Snapct commands (on a per ticket basis).

- A step towards Elite Partner Criteria

Technicians: wondering how to convince your boss? Having a DCAT-qualified technician will be a criteria for Elite Partner status, so if you want that to reach the top Partner tier, DCAT is a must.

- Taught by an experienced in-house trainer

We’re proud to say that you’ll only ever receive instruction from a Datto expert, who is passionate about your success.

“Happy to expand on subjects and ensure understanding.” Gareth Edwards, Complete IT.

“Fantastic delivery, made it all interesting.” A. Barne, WEM Technology

- Meet your Support Peers

For the two days you’re at DCAT, you’ll live, eat and breathe Datto. You’ll get plenty of opportunity to compare notes with your fellow technicians over breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks. Plus, join the Datto Technical Support team in the office for wine and cheese on Tuesday night!

In last quarter’s DCAT, 100% of members said they would recommend the course to a colleague.

“Superb practical training. Delivery and execution makes this the best training I’ve experienced.” Charlie Gibbons, SICL.

As you can see, attending DCAT training at our Reading office is an excellent investment. You can sign up here or email kharris@datto.com for more information.

We recommend that attendees have a basic knowledge of Linux before attending, and already have some experience of working with the Datto interface. Please also ensure that you bring a laptop and a charger.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Download the Datto EMEA Academy Overview

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