January 06, 2016

Datto's New Hardware Pricing

By Chris Brunau

As a trusted vendor, improving the services that MSPs can offer their clients is one of Datto’s main goals.

In 2015, Datto partners expressed a need for consistent, simple, competitive pricing. In response, Datto’s pricing structure for its flagship SIRIS 2 product has been overhauled for 2016.

So, what does this mean exactly? First and foremost, Datto will no longer offer limited-time sales promotion price reductions. Instead, pricing has been reduced across the board. It became clear that promotions can complicate the buying process for partners. An important part of our commitment to partners is making it easy for them to do business with Datto - constant, sporadic promotional discounts were getting in the way of that goal. Our partners can benefit from consistent pricing and rest assured that buying today does not mean losing out on a promotion tomorrow.

Reductions in hardware price reflect Datto’s success scaling the business in 2015, driving economies of scale and reduce component costs. These reduced costs are being passed along to Datto’s partners to provide greater value and drive higher volumes in 2016 and beyond. Datto is also taking this opportunity to introduce additional discounts linked to longer-term services commitments, reflecting the company’s increasing emphasis on services.

Moving forward, we will continue to make every effort to support our partners from a service standpoint, a technical standpoint and from a business standpoint. Unlike other vendors, Datto fully recognises the central role that services play, and our actions back up this philosophy. Our goal is not to make a profit on hardware, but to help our partners grow based on the value of our combined services. We believe this represents a mindshift in the industry. The new 2016 pricing on the SIRIS 2 suite of products is an example of what Datto means by partnership: as a services-focused organisation, the needs of our partners shape the way we do business.

For more information, read the news release.

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