DattoCon Channel Products Technical Track - Not Your Average Tech Content

May 09, 2019

DattoCon Channel Products Technical Track - Not Your Average Tech Content

By Jason Pryce

I’ve been to several DattoCons now and they’re always different but have a common value — MSP first. When I was asked to plan and create content for the technical track, my main focus was ensuring that all attendees leave this track having a better understanding of not only Datto channel products but the Datto product vision.

The DattoCon Channel Technical track tells a story starting at product conception, execution, and innovation and ends at the functional value add for an MSP. Part of the product narrative is the MSP story, which is why making this session interactive, allowing for feedback, questions and the sharing of experiences is so important to the success of this agenda.

The largest differentiator between the DattoCon Channel Products track and other conference’s technical content is that it is being delivered by the great minds that bring these devices to life. Attendees will be hearing about Datto’s latest and greatest right from the horse’s mouth rather than a hired presenter with no passion for the product.

Just like everything else, the decisions behind content are driven by our partners. Throughout the course of the year, we are gathering partner feedback and strategically use that information to form these sessions. We are not providing the information we think you should have but rather the information you are telling us you need.

I realize that there are hundreds of events going on each year and making the investment into attending a specific event such as DattoCon isn’t always easy but I can guarantee attending the Channel Products Technical track session, you will leave better informed, with increased efficiencies and product knowledge — resulting in more success in 2019!

Join me at DattoCon19 in San Diego.

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