Datto Partners With No More Ransomware To Fight Cybersecurity Threat

December 15, 2016

Datto Partners With No More Ransomware To Fight Cybersecurity Threat

By Chris Brunau

Ransomware is evolving and constantly finding new ways to infect victims, whether it’s through the latest spam technique or even duping victims into spread the ransomware themselves.

To combat the rising threat, Datto has joined the No More Ransom (NMR) project as a supporting partner. NMR was founded in July 2016 by the Dutch National Police, Europol, Intel Security and Kaspersky Lab, introducing a new level of cooperation between law enforcement and the private sector to fight ransomware together.

NMR provides users with information on ransomware as well as free tools to help them decrypt their devices, free of charge. In addition to the latest tools, NMR urges the importance of awareness and education. As we found in our Global State of the Channel Ransomware Report, there is a major disconnect when it comes to the concern around ransomware. 88 percent of IT professionals are “highly concerned” about the ransomware threat. However, only 34 percent of small business owners said the same.

NMR offers a few simple tips to help prevent a ransomware infection:

  • Always have a backup solution in place so a ransomware infection can’t destroy your personal data forever
  • Use robust antivirus software to protect your system from ransomware
  • Keep all the software on your computer up to date and literally trust no-one, as any account can be compromised.

More prevention tips and information are available at NMR's website. For additional tips on how to protect from ransomware, check out our Cybersecurity Made MSPeasy Toolkit, This kit contains tips, templates, technologies and best practices from leading MSPs who’ve experienced it all. This kit contains our most downloaded eBooks. Download it today!

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