Datto Partner Conference:  What You Will Learn About Innovation

May 11, 2015

Datto Partner Conference: What You Will Learn About Innovation

By Ian O'Brien

The Datto Partner Conference is just a few weeks away, so for all you holdouts wondering whether or not you should register, we are going to do a series of posts about what you can expect, and what you will learn if you attend. In addition to some really incredible product announcements (one in particular which will blow your mind), one of the big things you will learn about is innovation.


Our lead keynote speaker is Terry Jones, former CEO of Travelocity, and Chairman of Kayak. Terry’s topic for the conference will be innovation. In particular, Terry will be talking about how to make your company innovative by building processes and organizational structure that encourages experimentation and adaptation.

Here are some excerpts you can expect to hear more about at the keynote.

On size of a company needed to innovate: ‘Travelocity has over 3,000 employees, Kayak.com has 220. Yet they are the same size in terms of Internet visitors. How in the world is that possible?’

On hiring: ‘You learn that rock stars hang out with rock stars. If you hire A- players, more A-players want to be there because they want to go and change the world together and they don’t want to be dragged back by C and D players.’

On innovation: ‘It’s about building a culture of experimentation and failure.’ The world of IT is changing fast, and we thought one of the best things we could do for our partners is bring in an expert who can teach us all how to experiment, innovate, and adapt. If you want to learn these lessons for your business, be sure to sign up for the Datto Partner Conference. Stay tuned for a few more blog posts about all the other benefits of attending.

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