Datto Opens Data Centre In Iceland

January 13, 2016

Datto Opens Data Centre In Iceland

By Chris Brunau

Helping to further enable Datto’s EMEA partners to protect their customer’s business data, Datto will be opening a data centre in Iceland within a month - its second in Europe. This will offer European partners additional capacity for growth, while still satisfying EMEA’s storage and privacy requirements.

Datto partnered with Verne Global, a UK-based developer at the forefront of data centre infrastructure design. The Icelandic campus adds to Datto’s data centre locations in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia, with another data centre expected to open in Germany in Q1 2016.

The expansion into Iceland will allow the company to offer its European partners the additional capacity for growth while still satisfying EMEA’s storage and privacy requirements. By choosing Verne Global, Datto will be able to take advantage of 100 percent renewable, long-term, low-cost power.

“Iceland was selected for a couple of reasons. First, Iceland’s renewable power and almost free cooling, assisted in cost engineering and being environmentally conscious. Iceland also has good relationships with EMEA and Germany when dealing with the legality of data storage. This will enable Datto to offer effective geographic redundancy to our customer in those markets as we build,” said George Bedocs, Datto’s Vice President of Infrastructure Engineering.

“The incredible international growth Datto is experiencing, meant it was imperative that we find the appropriate facility that offered both scalability and compliance for our European customers,” said Austin McChord, CEO and founder of Datto. “Verne Global’s facilities in Iceland not only meets those needs, but are able to do so with an unlimited power supply and with little-to-no impact to the environment.”

Aside from the EMEA requirements, Datto also has rigorous standards set for security and compliance, according to Bedocs. This includes analysing facility redundancy and safety as well as telecom provider access and available capacity.

For more about the expansion, read the news release.

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