Datto NAS 3 Delivers Cloud-Connected File Storage To SMBs

November 03, 2016

Datto NAS 3 Delivers Cloud-Connected File Storage To SMBs

By Andrew Burton

File-based data growth has been a challenge for businesses of all sizes for years. According to IDC, file-based data (also known as unstructured data) accounts for up to 90 percent of digital information stored today. Datto NAS 3 is a smart network-attached storage platform with integrated replication to the secure Datto Cloud. The updated platform addresses small business file storage needs with a variety of new data management and protection features including block-level deduplication, Infinite Cloud Retention, Datto Drive Local, NAS Guard, and updated hardware.

The next generation Datto NAS offers block-level deduplication to help address growing file storage needs. Block-level data deduplication works on a sub-file level to reduce storage capacity demands. Files are broken down into smaller “blocks” of data which are then compared against existing data to check for redundancy. If a block is determined to be unique it is written to disk and given a unique identifier in an index of the system. If the block is found to be redundant, only a pointer to the unique block is stored. Deduplication makes more efficient use of local and cloud storage. Datto NAS 3 also offers enhanced snapshot controls that allow users to minimize the number of images stored locally while retaining a complete history in the cloud for further capacity optimization.

Datto NAS users can opt for Infinite Cloud Retention for NAS backup images stored in the Datto Cloud, easing data management for Datto partners. Infinite Cloud Retention allows users to store an unlimited amount of data in the Datto Cloud forever for a small incremental expense over our Time Based Retention option. With Infinite Cloud Retention, backup images can be kept as long as the customer maintains their subscription.

Datto NAS 3 offers Datto Drive local for on-premises file sync and share. While cloud-based file sync and share is simple and easy to use, it is not appropriate for every use case. Datto Drive local delivers easy to use file sync and share when security, policy or regulatory requirements dictate a locally hosted solution. Datto Drive local gives users access to data from any device, anywhere, while giving businesses oversight over corporate data.

Finally, Datto NAS 3 offers local and cloud data protection for additional network storage devices. The system has the ability to mount and automatically copy data from other NAS devices. Once under the NAS Guard umbrella, this data is uploaded to the secure Datto Cloud, and available for restore at any time.

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