Datto Launches Datto Drive: Why We're Giving Away An Exabyte of Storage

May 02, 2016

Datto Launches Datto Drive: Why We're Giving Away An Exabyte of Storage

BY Austin McChord

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An exabyte is roughly one billion gigabytes or one million terabytes. It’s a load of capacity. So, maybe the better question is “Why is Datto giving away an exabyte of cloud storage with Datto Drive?”

It’s about disrupting the file sync and share status quo. There are a lot of players in the market; so many that FSS has become completely commoditised. If that’s the case though, the current crop of business-grade FSS tools are way too expensive for today’s small businesses. At Datto, we believe that commodity tools should be priced accordingly. And, as an infrastructure company, Datto is equipped to deliver cloud FSS at a low price point. So, we’re giving the first million businesses that sign up for Datto Drive a FREE terabyte of FSS storage for one year for unlimited users. At the end of that first year, the price stays low—£10 per month for unlimited users.

Business-grade FSS offerings from Box and Dropbox, among others, are priced out of reach of small businesses—many charge as much as $15 per user a month. Depending on the size of your organisation, that can be pretty expensive. For reference, Datto has nearly 600 employees and currently has less than one TB of file sharing data company-wide. At £11 per user, we’d be looking at £6600 a year! Compare that with £120 for Datto Drive.

We also believe that there’s room for truly open FSS tools that aren’t part of a package like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. OwnCloud FSS (the powerful platform we’ve used for Datto Drive) offers enterprise-class functionality that can be configured to meet the needs of any business. It can be easily integrated with existing productivity and file sync and share tools, external storage systems, or cloud storage from any provider. This is the same approach we took in the backup space. Datto delivers enterprise-class technologies to small businesses in a really easy way, at the right price point.

As a company that’s 100 percent channel, we know that file sync and share is an area managed service providers (MSP) want to play in, but the current tools available are simply too expensive. So, what can we do for our partners? We’re offering Datto Drive at a very low cost to engage small businesses and then introduce them to MSPs. Giving away a free exabyte is not for our gain, it’s to benefit our partners.

MSPs are there to guide small businesses on technology decisions. They can make small businesses aware of the technology options available to help them meet their objectives. However, many businesses aren’t even aware that MSPs exist. Our goal is to introduce small businesses to MSPs and Datto Drive is part of that effort. So, if you’re a small business, why pay thousands of dollars a month for FSS? With Datto Drive you’ll get an enterprise worthy FSS product at a low price with an MSP ready to serve your IT needs.

Visit DattoDrive.com to sign up and receive a year of free service. Datto Drive premium accounts are available for companies looking for increased storage capacity and additional benefits such as 24 x 7 support. If interested in learning more, SMBs and Managed Service Providers can attend Datto’s complimentary webinar on Datto Drive on May 5. Sign up here.

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