Cyber Attacks Hit Global Shipping Industry; Universal Health Services

October 02, 2020

Cyber Attacks Hit Global Shipping Industry; Universal Health Services

By Michaela Scampoli

Earlier this week, Universal Health Services (UHS) suffered a ransomware attack that resulted in a multiday outage. Roughly 400 hospitals across North America and the United Kingdom operate within this company's network.

IT systems were shut down following attack detection, and staff at the impacted hospitals had to resort to pen and paper to conduct business. A number of procedures and surgeries were cancelled, and on October 1st, the UHS released a statement that they were still trying to get back online.

Meanwhile, the global shipping industry also fell victim to multiple cyber attacks this week. These attacks have arrived during their busy season, with consumer demand at its peak in this sector.

The first attack targeted France-based company CMA CGM SA, one of the world’s biggest shipping container groups. The attacks forced the company to shut down its online booking platform, resulting in delayed cargo deliveries and communications to clients. The ripple effects of this attack are global, impacting electronic communications to North America and interrupting bookings for the businesses’ operators in Asia.

The second attack on the shipping industry hit the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a UN agency responsible for shipping regulations. The breach occurred on September 30th, and the IMO released a statement the following day saying that their public website and internal IT systems were both targeted by a "sophisticated cyber attack". Their internal IT team is still working to identify the source of the attack and restore all systems. There is no evidence that this attack is related to the incident with CMA CGM SA earlier in the week. 

It’s been a busy week for cyber attackers, and many of the impacted businesses still appear to be in recovery mode. Businesses of all sizes, in all industries, can fall victim to cyber attacks. This is why it’s crucial every business has a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution as the last line of defense against cyber attacks. Visit our product page to learn more.

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