Ransomware... Coming To A Store Near You

July 13, 2018

Ransomware... Coming To A Store Near You

By Annie Stroud

Who would've thought that buying the latest strains of Ransomware would be just as easy as buying your tea towels from John Lewis? It may sound crazy, but this is happening.

Cyber crime is one of the biggest epidemics to effect technology all over the globe and at current it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Cybercriminal are now using the same platforms and techniques as those used by the likes of Amazon, eBay and Airbnb to buy and sell the tools they need in order complete their malicious hacks.

According to Michael McGuire, University of Surrey Criminologist, an estimated £1.1tn in profits a year are acquired, laundered, spent and re-invested by cyber criminals through ‘platform criminality’.

“Would-be criminals no longer need to be computer experts to conduct cyber crime, because they can buy in the various components they need as easily as online shopping.”

In April of this year, Webstresser, a cybercrime marketplace was shut down by the British and Dutch police. Sites such as this one were used to by and sell hackers, purchase software and  personal details (such as credit cards and security logins) and get ratings which will help hackers access rights to further products and services. 

The scary thing is, it would appear that it’s much easier for cybercriminals to buy something online than it is to go through hacker after hacker. Gone are the days of complex coding, now cyber scams can be set up in a matter of seconds...

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