ConnectWise Acquires HTG: Datto's Take

January 05, 2018

ConnectWise Acquires HTG: Datto's Take

By Chris Brunau

Today there was some big news in the channel as ConnectWise announced their acquisition of HTG. If you missed the news, you can read the release.

Datto's Rob Rae, Vice President of Business Development, had some well wishes to share.

"Congratulations Arlin and Team! Today, HTG announced it is being acquired by ConnectWise. As a long time sponsor of HTG, we want to congratulate Arlin and the entire HTG community on this major milestone in their 17 year history. We also extend our congratulations to ConnectWise for investing in the strongest MSP Peer Group Community in the business. We know it’s difficult for MSPs to grow in a vacuum, which is why we spend time and resources helping our partners build their businesses. And HTG adds immense value for the MSP - providing a forum for honest, vendor agnostic conversations that help so many of our partners. This investment in the HTG community by ConnectWise proves what HTG members and sponsors have known for years - small and medium businesses are increasingly turning to Managed Service Providers for their IT needs. To meet these needs, MSPs are evolving their businesses. Open dialog amongst peers, benchmarks and best practices provide a solid platform for business transformation. Supported by open technology platforms, MSPs can choose the best tools for them to drive business growth. We look forward to many more years of continued partnership with both the HTG and ConnectWise communities." - Rob Rae, VP Business Development, Datto

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