Cold Calling Made MSPeasy

Jul 03, 2018

Cold Calling Made MSPeasy

BY Annie Stroud

As an Managed Service Provider (MSP) you know that to keep business thriving, your teams need to keep on dialing. Not only does this bring in new clients, it also nurtures your existing ones; and as your customer base defines your success, it is vital you keep building and expanding your base.

Sales prospecting can help you put the foundations into place, this is the process of making outbound calls, emailing leads and creating inbound content to help bring on new clients. It may take a while to find the hot leads, but letting them turn cold won’t help your business in the long run.

Do you want to find out how to turn up the heat on your cold calls? If so, why not join us on 19th July at 2PM for our Cold Calling Made MSPeasy Webinar! Not only will you hear from a panel of MSPs who have all talked the talk, you’ll also gain a deeper insight into the most successful prospecting tactics and learn how to develop top sales prospecting strategies.

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